Revised 2021

These rules are also contained in the schedule.

Dance Rules Governing Society Revised 2021 (PDF)
Vocal and Instrumental Rules Governing Society Revised 2021 (PDF)
Spoken Word Rules Governing Society Revised 2021 (PDF)
Schools Day Rules Governing Society Revised 2021 (PDF)

Competitors are asked to study the following rules carefully as they will be strictly enforced. This applies 2particularly to the submission of entry forms which will be rejected if they do not comply.

1. In these rules and conditions the word “Committee” shall mean “The Management Committee of the Lismore Musical Festival Society”.
2. The decision of the Committee in all questions arising, shall be final. All entries are deemed to be made subject to these conditions.
3. The Committee reserves the right to determine the Status of any competitor and the application and interpretation of these rules.
4. In the event of insufficient or large entries, the Committee reserves the right to combine or divide sections accordingly. In any section where insufficient entries are received the Committee may exercise its discretion with regard to the retention or the alteration of any section for that year.
5. The Committee reserves the right to amend the program at any time by varying the order of the competitors or sections at any session.
6. All competitions are intended for amateurs. Teachers may not perform.
7. All competitors perform entirely at their own risk.
8. AGE: In all competitions the age as at the 31st May 2021 shall be deemed to be the age of the competitor
9. The Committee reserves the right in age competitions to call upon any competitor to produce at his/her own expense, PROOF OF AGE and to withhold any prize/money until such proof shall have been furnished.
10. The Committee reserves the right to refuse any entry, and, in particular, those from competitors who have been pupils of an adjudicator, within a period of 12 months prior to the closing of entries. These competitors are not eligible to compete in any section judged by that adjudicator.
11. Competitors will be regarded as being CONVERSANT WITH THE RULES of the competitions of the Society affecting their positions as competitors. The PLEA OF LACK OF KNOWLEDGE WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED AS A BONA FIDE REASON FOR THE INFRINGEMENT OF THE RULE. In the event of a protest being lodged the competitors so infringing shall be liable to disqualification or may otherwise be dealt with by the Committee.
12. Entries in all sections must be lodged online by the date advertised for the closing of entries. No entry will be accepted without its full entry fee.
14. In all sections where two or more combine to compete e.g. duos, duets, trios, the name of each competitor must be given at the time of entry. Non-compliance with this rule will render the entry liable to rejection.
15. In sections where there are two (2) or more competitors competing in combination, NO competitor may compete more than once in any capacity. No
competitor shall be allowed to render the same item in more than one (1) section.
16. Competitors MUST perform in OWN age sections and not outside their own age group, unless specifically indicated in the schedule as open to all ages (unrestricted).
17. It is not necessary to name OWN CHOICE items on the entry forms.
18. In OWN CHOICE sections, copies of pieces for use of the Adjudicator must be handed to the Spoken Word table secretary immediately prior to the commencement of the SESSION (morning, afternoon or night) in which the item is to be heard.
19. In OWN SELECTION competitions, marks will be awarded for quality of choice. Very lengthy selections will not improve the competitor’s chance of success and teachers are advised to take note of this.
22. Time Limits. Vocal/Instrumental and Spoken Word Competitors please read Schedules for time limits
24. CHAMPIONSHIP: Competitors must enter and perform in their corresponding AGE, or acceptable qualifying section/s as indicated in the schedule before the Championship is held.
26. The Adjudicator’s decision shall be final and he/she has the power to withhold or divide prizes according to merit. He/she shall also be entitled to recommend the awarding of a second place if he/she thinks the rendition has not sufficient merit to carry a first prize, but he/she shall intimate his/her decision when making the adjudication.
27. In many cases only part of a song, recitation or instrumental item may be heard by the Adjudicator and the bell does not necessarily signify disapproval or rejection. The Adjudicator’s objective will be to hear all items at the session in which they are set down.
29. If through unforeseen circumstance an Adjudicator is unable to perform his/her duty, the Committee reserves the right to appoint a substitute
30. Competitors must assemble in the space provided by the committee and must be ready to render their items in the order in which their names appear
in the program. Any delay on their part causing disruption of the business of the session will render them liable to disqualification.
31. No teacher will be allowed on stage with a competitor unless as an accompanist FOR THAT ITEM. Prompting from the audience or side of stage is strictly forbidden and is liable to result in disqualification of that competitor.
40. Usage of venues or equipment PRIOR to the Eisteddfod is not the responsibility of the Lismore Musical Festival Society. All rehearsals should be privately arranged by and paid for by the competitor with the appropriate authority.
41. No use of the stage for practice is permitted at any venue during the competitions.
42. During the actual competitions all enquiries of, or representations to, the Adjudicator must be made in writing either through the Secretary or a Committee member.
43. UNAUTHORISED communication with the Adjudicator during the competition is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN. Failure to comply will mean immediate disqualification.
44. PROTESTS: If any, shall be lodged with the Secretary in writing, within one hour
after completion of section in respect of which the protest is entered and must be
accompanied by $50.00 which shall be forfeited if the protest is deemed to be
frivolous or unfounded.